LUX Electric Water Heater


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Technical Details

Rated Voltage 220 – 240 V, 50 – 60 HZ
Rated Power 3200/4400/7600 W
Max Boiler Pressure 11 Bar
Minimum Water Pressure 0,5 Bar
Flow rate 3 Lt / min
Electrical Insulation Class – 1
Dimensions 325 X 210 X 145 mm
Net Weight 2200 gr

Seven Safety Systems

The resistances used in the device are the sheathed tube resistance and the resistance wire does not touch the water. In this way, the electricity passing through the device does not come into contact with water in any way, thus providing protection against electric shock.

With the diaphragm flow and pressure switch placed in the water inlet of the device, safety is ensured against possible dangers by ensuring that the resistances are disabled even when the device is turned on, if there is not enough pressure or no water.

The thermostat located on the heating chamber inside the appliance automatically cuts the resistance circuit if the leaving water temperature reaches the level that would harm the user’s health or the operation of the device. It is reactivated when the water temperature drops to normal level.

If the device is blocked for any reason at the water outlet, the return system disables the device to prevent sudden temperature increases.

The safety valve located on the heating chamber prevents any damage to the user and the device by relieving pressure in case of excessive pressure increases.

By ensuring the presence of continuous water in the heating chamber in which the heating element is placed, the plastic parts of the device are prevented from being damaged until the resistances have cooled down.

In order to prevent the user from switching on the device, a warning light is placed on the front of the device.

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