Who we are ?

We have been producing small household appliances, instant water heaters, toasters and personal care products for home life, marketing and providing after-sales services. We have been manufacturing in Kayseri ,Industrial Zone with nearly 100 employees, under 2 brands name and serving for 5 companies with OEM production.

1996 - 2019



Sem Inc. It was founded in KayseriIndustrial Zone, Turkey. Our company started to manufacturing to the important brands of Turkey. Particularly with instantaneous water heaters production, including production units and with products of superior quality , became a well known company.


As a pioneer manufacturer of Turkey , our company created kitchen or faucet type instant water heater. That creation add his name to the precursor company list


Our company started to produce the Toaster by investing in the Cooker Group.


Our company started to produce food preparation products, hand blender and blender sets by investing in Small Household Appliances.


Following the success of the blender sets in small household appliances, the investment decision was made for the production of iron and the products were put on the market at the end of the year.


Sem Inc is carrying the bar higher, decided to produce dust bag vacuum cleaner and made a first in Anatolia; Wind Vacuum Cleaner started production.


Personal Care Products entered production and continued the horizontal growth of small household appliances.


In the cooker group, the production stages of the hot air and the healthy cooking appliance have been completed and the trial production will start in the first half of 2019.

Inovated Product

The most healty way to fry

Fry using less, or no oil

Airfryer uses hot air to fry your favorite foods using little or no oil; so you can fry with up to 90% less fat.

Enjoy delicious and crispy results as if fried in oil with less fat.

Fry, cook and grill your favorite foods at home

The Airchef XXL can also be used outside of the frying process. You can grill and even bake your favorite food for fast and delicious family meals. Airchef application; packed with tips, introductions and easy recipes.

Twin TurboStar technology removes excess oil from food

Combining the powerful heater and engine with our new Twin Turbo Star technology, the hot air inside the Air Chef turns like a powerful hurricane over the entire cooking basket.

It is designed to remove excess oil from your food and to collect all fat to remove fat.

With it’s Twin TurboStar technology, Airchef prevents oil fumes from frying in your home and clothes compared to a normal fryer.

90% less fat and crispy

Proven performance. Make crunchy fries as deep fried with 90% less fat. Fry the whole chicken for crispy skin and soft meat by reducing oil.